Contact School

Address: 610 J Street, Elgin OK 73538
School phone: 580-492-3680
School fax: 580-492-3698
For reporting a student absence: 
Call 580-492-3680
Please Note:

Protecting classroom instructional time is one of our primary goals to ensure that your child has a quality learning environment. Anytime the classroom teacher is interrupted while teaching, instructional time is lost. While all of our teachers are happy to conference with parents as long as it does not take away instructional time from the group of students they are responsible for. Please help us protect this valuable time for all students.

For contacting a teacher:
  1. Please call the office and leave your name, number and matter it is concerning. The teacher will return your phone call as soon as they are available to do so.  
  2. Email the teacher. Email is an easy way to communicate with your child's teacher for routine information. Emails are the teacher's first initial and last name